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Our BMP Summit Was a Huge Success!

Friday and Saturday, May 1st and 2nd was our first combined effort to bring this summit to Redding. The two-day workshop sponsored by Shasta College, Sacramento Watersheds Action Group (SWAG), and Western Chapter International Erosion Control Association success exceeded our expectations. 

Our highly acclaimed instructors John McCullah – Mr. DirtTime himself and David Franklin did an awesome job. We counted 55 in attendance, our thanks to everyone who attended.

facebookpicjJohn McCullah (Light Blue Shirt) facebook pic1Dave Franklin  

Our Showcase Exhibitors were as follows;

Heavyweight Sediment Control Solutions – Richard Quinley & Kristin Parkinson
EarthSavers – Lynn Friesner and Howard Schau
LSC Env. Products – Troy Duxbury and Robert Curl
HydroStraw – Ed Lee
Other exhibitors were: Zanker Road Resource Management – Aaron French, Contech Engineered Solutions – Curtis Kruger, Profile Products – Erik Schmidt, Steve Riggs                                                                                                               facebookpic4 facebookpic3facebokpic2 Now the fun starts! Day two-out in the field.facebookpic5facebookpic8facebookpic5facebookpic8facebookpic10facebookpic13_nfacebookpage6facebookpicbOne of our attendees shared his thoughts with us:                                                        

I understand this was the first Erosion Control Workshop that you have put on at the Shasta College and wanted to give you my feedback. The information and presentations that you and David delivered were extremely relevant and very well done. I find all too often that people get “comfortable” with what they know and/or don’t get opportunities to learn about new solutions. For this reason, I believe the your event went extremely well. Honestly I attended a 5 day conference earlier this year where there were significantly less takeaways than your 2 day event.                          

Troy Druxbury. LSC

Don’t miss the next one, we will be posting when and where it will be.